For Makers

It is our great pleasure to report the introduction of tools that will help you be more creative and work more productively.  See everything here.

This first round is available this fall, and each line is expected to expand over the year. 

The imPress Hydraulic Press, the only truly portable hydraulic press made for jewelers, enamellists, metalsmiths, silversmiths, and other makers.

Hydraulic Press 

Small batch construction in the United States.  Made for you by artists and makers, for artists and makers.  

The imPress Hydraulic Press for Jewelry

This small but mighty hydraulic press for jewelry was built to be affordable, portable, and put-awayable. All together it weighs about 40 lbs.… total. The ram and the frame are meant to be transported separately, equaling about 20lbs each. That is light enough that almost anyone can move it. 
This press is ideal for a small studio, a kitchen table studio, a RV park picnic bench, a big studio, a tidy studio, a messy studio… meaning, every studio!

Bracelet Bender

Daniel Urrea’s Bracelet Bender invented by Joni Kisro in 1976!  It is still incredibly effective and arguably the easiest tool on the market to make consistent, perfectly shaped, comfortable bracelets, child sized bracelets, hoop earrings, wrap rings and more!
Connections, an enameled necklace made by Marianne Goodell with her line of Silhouette Dies, available at

Enamel and Metalsmithing Tools

We have teamed up with the amazing, the incredibly talented Marianne Goodell to bring you some of her inventive and one-of-a-kind tools. Marianne is enamellist, silversmith, painter, (and more!!).  She likes working with unusual shapes and came up with a way of designing and producing her own tools to achieve the results she was trying to achieve.  Marianne is now making these tools available to you, the maker.  

Silhouette Dies

Artist-made Silhouette dies to pillow or puff fine silver, sterling silver, copper, or brass for enamels or metalsmithing jewelry.  Marianne offers a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit our needs.  She also has an option to have your very own shape made!

Art jewelry made by Marianne Goodell using her own Silhouette Die and Design Screens.

Design Screens

Add flair and visual dimension to your enamel creations by adding a design to the background, the foreground, or as the main design element.