Frequently Asked Questions

What do we make?  

Towed Studio is an art jewelry studio where we create modern jewelry for extraordinary people.  Our primary focus is in Sterling Silver, cutting stones/cabochons, and fused glass. However, we dabble in leather, mixed metals, found objects, enamel, fiber arts, and even woodworking. 

We've also opened a tools section for makers where we make or partner with other artist/makers to bring you the best tools in jewelry, for makers, by makers!


Who do we serve?  YOU

We work in inclusive sizing and cater to all folks, especially those of us that do not reside in the “one size fits most” world.

We do in-person and online sales.  Soon, we will offer jewelry classes.


Why are we called Towed Studio?  

We are called “Towed Studio” because we spend about half of the year traveling around the United States and Canada in a 5th wheel seeing the sights, meeting amazing people, teaching, and working on our latest inspirations.