Polyurethane Pads for use in the hydraulic press with metal silhouette dies. Used in jewelry making and trinket dish making.

Polyurethane Squisher Pad / Urethane Pad for Metal Silhouette Dies, 90 Durometer

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These black Urethane pads are used in the hydraulic press to help force annealed metal into the cavities and around a silhouette die or donut die to puff your metal.  This Urethane is 90 durometer and cut in roughly 3“ x 3” squares, 1/4” thick. This is a consumable item but you’ll get to use them repeatedly, likely for years!  

**sample pictures of use soon**

We do NOT currently recommend them for use with Marianne Goodell’s Silhouette Dies until we thoroughly test them. We suspect that this durometer is much too stiff and recommend, as Marianne does, 60 durometer polyurethane.

60 durometer coming soon!!.